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Would You Save RadioShack if You Had the Chance?

In February, RadioShack filed for bankruptcy. In March, the business was saved by Sprint. Well, “saved” in name only. Sprint plans on sharing branding with RadioShack’s stores, and pulling these stores further away from their highly technical niche and pushing them further in the direction of mobile phones and peripherals. In other words: the RadioShack […]

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On IT Governance and Personal Mission

“What do I want most from my career?” A common question among IT professionals. And one that isn’t always so easy to answer. I realized this on a recent client trip. As a consultant, there are many paths I can follow to help my clients. They have many different needs, and each of those needs […]

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IT PROfile: Jean Holley (Group SVP & CIO, Brambles Limited)

How did you get into IT? As a kid, I loved taking things apart and putting them back together. I often was curious about and marveled at how things worked, and just imagined what I could do as a grown-up using this skill. But back then, in the 60s, we didn’t have anything called “IT”. […]

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I Found the Heart and Soul of IT – in Atlanta

“We’re not just here to reduce costs, we’re here to serve and help people.” When Samir Saini, told me this, I jumped out of my chair and gave him a huge hi-five. Here was a government IT executive, perhaps the last person you’d expect to get it, speaking a truth few IT executives of any […]

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