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One simple question to gain stakeholder support

You’ve finally done it! You and your team put in some heavy brainstorming and came up with the perfect idea for how to fix the “big problem” you identified in your company. Maybe your idea is a new system or process. Maybe it’s a massive change initiative. Maybe you’ve just settled on some goals that […]

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The IT “Firefighters” Keep Us Alive

This week’s CIO Insight article “IT Spends Too Much Time on ‘Firehouse Duty’” paints IT professionals as nearly comically ineffective. Well, they’re not. The piece starts with: It sounds somewhat like a bad IT joke that you’d hear in the office: “How many tech professionals does it take to fix an issue?” The answer is […]

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I’m in Business Benefits Hell

Some days I really feel great about my work and my ability to help people succeed. Other days, I feel like I just want to bash my head into the nearest flat-screen TV. I had one of those days today when I had the joyless task of extracting (think dental procedure) the business benefits of […]

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A tech discussion your CEO will welcome

Last week I made the bold claim that in light of recently published research on how people and businesses respond to “fashionable” technologies, IT leaders now have a new way to capture the attention of their CEOs who otherwise tend to be less than 100% interested in IT matters. You can read the full post […]

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