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How to Write Emails that Executives Actually Respond To

“I emailed my stakeholder about X, but I never got a response…” Completing your work often depends on receiving information, sign-off, or a simple Yes/No from your higher ups. And yet, when you seek this response, how many of your emails get a timely reply? This is a common problem for many leaders, and yet […]

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Tech-Savvy Business Peers are Not Always Good for IT

When everyone’s a techie, is that good for IT? I pondered this question after seeing the June 11 Businessweek cover: The cover article asks “What is Code?” and goes on to provide a basic primer on the subject, with the underpinning message stating you should be able to read code if you’re an upwardly mobile […]

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Would You Save RadioShack if You Had the Chance?

In February, RadioShack filed for bankruptcy. In March, the business was saved by Sprint. Well, “saved” in name only. Sprint plans on sharing branding with RadioShack’s stores, and pulling these stores further away from their highly technical niche and pushing them further in the direction of mobile phones and peripherals. In other words: the RadioShack […]

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On IT Governance and Personal Mission

“What do I want most from my career?” A common question among IT professionals. And one that isn’t always so easy to answer. I realized this on a recent client trip. As a consultant, there are many paths I can follow to help my clients. They have many different needs, and each of those needs […]

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