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IT PROfile: Jean Holley (Group SVP & CIO, Brambles Limited)

How did you get into IT? As a kid, I loved taking things apart and putting them back together. I often was curious about and marveled at how things worked, and just imagined what I could do as a grown-up using this skill. But back then, in the 60s, we didn’t have anything called “IT”. […]

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How to Refresh Your Q2 Goals (Or Set Them in the First Place)

Q1 just ended. Time to take a breather… Review your progress… And refresh your Q2 goals to make sure they’re still relevant and achievable. (Or, for some of you; now’s the time to actually create your Q2 goals.) If you already have Q2 goals in place, then skip down to the header marked “How to Refresh Your Quarterly Goals”. […]

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Dramatically Reduce Resource Management Conflicts with a Few Simple Steps

You want the rock-star contractor, but by the time you call him he’s already booked. You hire full-time staff for your new project, but you soon realize you won’t need half of them for another three months. You’re ready to launch a new phase in your implementation, but the budget hasn’t been dispersed yet, leaving your team sitting […]

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The Challenges of Aligning IT and the Business

“IT alignment” has been for some time, and continues to be, a major challenge for IT leaders. This idea of “aligning” the IT group with the rest of the organization is a persistent puzzle that causes many IT leaders to lose sleep. And yet, despite the unrelenting attention to this topic from a vast array […]

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Bad Meetings Start with Bad Meeting Invitations, Effective Meetings Start with…

Bad meetings cost you more than you think. Americans sit through about 11 million meetings a day, and 50% of people find meetings unproductive. The concrete economic costs of bad meetings are even more troubling: A standard manager-level meeting can cost the company more than $1,000/hour. One Fortune 50 company estimated $75mm in annual losses from bad meetings. […]

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