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How to Make Your Weekly 1:1 Meetings (Actually) Productive

Standing meetings are under attack. Just consider a few recent article titles: Kill the Weekly Meeting How to Finally Kill the Useless, Recurring Meeting 7 Ways to Kill Your Meetings and Unleash Productivity Each of these articles argues the same central point: most standing meetings are too long, require too many guests, and have no clear agenda. We […]

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I Found the Heart and Soul of IT – in Atlanta

“We’re not just here to reduce costs, we’re here to serve and help people.” When Samir Saini, told me this, I jumped out of my chair and gave him a huge hi-five. Here was a government IT executive, perhaps the last person you’d expect to get it, speaking a truth few IT executives of any […]

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The Key to Disarming Hidden IT Project Management Problems

When your project fails, that’s it. Your credibility takes a huge hit. And as you increase in seniority, and the projects you’re responsible for scale up, that credibility hit grows proportionately larger and more damaging. Mitigating Risk Remains Priority #1 for IT Professionals Despite sophisticated new risk management models, IT projects aren’t getting any less prone to failure. Peter […]

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Prioritize Your Project Timeline with Two Simple Lists

Your stakeholder wants the system perfect on day 1. He wants full critical functionality, along with lots of bells and whistles on top. The result: you’re forced to schedule your project timeline with unrealistic deadlines and shortened development periods. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way. Create a Manageable Project Timeline by Focusing Expectations on […]

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