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The 11 Secrets of Highly Influential IT Leaders

The critical path to accessing & succeeding in the executive suite
by Marc J. Schiller

Avoid stumbling blocks. Follow the proven road map to success in IT. Whether you are a CIO, IT manager, or aspiring professional, Marc’s book will give you the shortcut you need to reach your career goals. Through Marc’s proven framework and real-life examples of individual and group transformation, the 11 Secrets packages Marc’s 25+ years of experience into a clear, compelling, and practical manual.

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A note from Marc

Thank you for taking an interest in my book, The 11 Secrets of Highly Influential IT leaders.

I wrote The 11 Secrets to make an impact. An impact in the way we talk about IT leadership, but, even more important, an impact in the lives of the CIOs, IT managers, and aspiring IT professionals who read it.

When I sat down to write The 11 Secrets, I took everything I learned over 25+ years of experience helping the world’s top IT leaders and distilled it into 11 simple “secrets” everyone in IT needs to learnto reach their professional goals as quickly, and as stress-free, as possible.

But as I laid out these 11 secrets, I realized I didn’t want this information to just come across as a list. I wanted the readerto be able to see the connections and dependencies between the different secrets—to get a sense of how all the individual pieces fit together and form a unified idea.

In the end I chose to organize The 11 Secrets in the form of a journey with a road map. That journey is made up of three parts. Each part contains a number of steps (The Secrets) that logically build one upon another.

Part I:Influence Begins with Credibility
Walks you through the key activities and behaviors you need to set in place a foundation of credibility—the basis for influence.

Part II:The Essentials of Influential Communications
Clarifies the biggest area of challenge faced by most IT leaders—communications—and reveals how to quickly improve your standing and influence with your bosses and peers.

Part III:Game Time
Teaches specific tactics to use in order to succeed in the critical situations and contexts in IT where you, as the IT leader, have the opportunity to shine.

Organized in this way, you, the reader, get not only The 11 Secrets themselves, but a clear pathway for putting them to work starting today.

To your success,
Marc J. Schiller

Praise for The 11 Secrets

"Phenomenally insightful; this is EQ for IT leaders. Whether for strategic decision making or guiding day to day operations, I'm already putting it to work"

Jim Korcykoski
Senior Vice President & CIO, Nationwide Insurance

"The unique value of this book, and the system Marc presents, is the tangible road map it provides for aspiring professionals and managers to follow in order to succeed in this demanding field."

Lori Beer
Computerworld 100 Premier IT Leader
EVP, Enterprise Business Services

"The 11 Secrets get to the heart of what matters most for success in IT. In today's hyper speed technology environment, IT managers need to accelerate their learning curve about what works and what doesn't. The 11 Secrets can get you to success faster."

Jonathan Reichental, PhD
Chief Information Officer
City of Palo Alto

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