“If CIOs fail to step up on digital
transformation IT won’t matter.”

Rain Partners’ work with us regarding our stakeholders’
digital experience forms the centerpiece of our strategy.

Ofer Zelmanovich, VP IT

The Digital Revolution.

The digital revolution is sweeping across the pharmaceutical industry, that’s for sure.
The question is: How will you respond?

You know what’s happening:

  • Corporate digital strategy is being conceived without IT at the table.
  • IT is being challenged to respond to digital initiatives from all over the company without adequate involvement, time or resources.
  • Shadow IT groups are expressing independent technology visions and marching towards implementation with outsourced solutions.

Most IT leaders are playing catchup. But there is another way. We will help you build the optimal digital strategy for your organization. Book your Digital Strategy Program to access the research, best practices, and quick-start materials that are behind today’s industry-leading digital strategies.

“C-level executives tell us that ‘digital transformation’ is their top priority. They even acknowledge that it’s critical to their survival. But many also admit they struggle to define it, much less know how to achieve it.”

What our Digital Strategy Program
will do for your team right away.

Teach them to express their
work in terms that are
meaningful to stakeholders.

Establish them as
content experts in
digital pharma.

Give them the tools to effectively
manage the digital conversation
with stakeholders.

Give them a clear plan for
moving forward in the
digital space.

Help them appreciate how
far they have already come
on the digital journey.

“Like it or not, expectations of CIOs are changing and they better prepare. 46% of CEOs would like to learn more about digital trends from their CIO… 33% said IT does not provide useful knowledge or understand which digital knowledge is important to… [the] business.”

Our Digital Strategy Program
offers leaders and their teams three options to
address the digital challenge.

Option 1

The One-Day Summit

Accelerate your team’s understanding of pharma’s digital landscape. Learn best practices, and the essential elements of a digital strategy that commands business respect.

Option 2

The Three-Day Workshop

Jumpstart your digital strategy program. Go beyond best practice, and leave with immediate structure, shape and direction to your org’s digital program.

Option 3

The Six-Week Engagement

Develop your complete and fully custom digital strategy with hands-on support from our digital transformation experts.

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