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The 11 Secrets of Highly Influential IT Leaders

Success as an IT professional and leader is ultimately determined by one thing: how your performance is viewed and measured by your stakeholders.
For today’s IT leader, nothing is more important than establishing a deeply engaged and influential relationship with your stakeholders.

The challenge: how to do it.

Based on years of research and on-the-ground work with the world’s leading IT organizations, Marc presents a comprehensive system and practical roadmap for building the influence and relationship you need to drive your success.

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The Ultimate Guide to IT PROductivity

4 simple steps and 7 easy behaviors to eliminate distractions, focus on what matters, and get it all done by the weekend.

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Free Reports

What Do IT Professionals Most Want in Their Career?

Higher pay, perhaps or to be more influential?

Maybe you yearn for less stress and more free time?

Hundreds of IT professionals participated in our survey. With responses from CIOs, Senior IT Managers, and other IT professionals at all stages of their careers this report provides a clear picture of what IT professionals want most.

In this concise report, you’ll learn:

  • Which of 16 objectives were rated most (and least) desirable,
  • Five key takeaways from the study, and
  • The top 3 & bottom 3 career desires by title/role.

See how your desires compare to those shared by your IT peers.


How to Make More Money in IT?

We all know it’s good to be in IT…

But where is it great to be in IT?

We’ve analyzed the best market data and uncovered:

  • IT’s 3 fastest growing salaries…
  • IT’s 3 fastest falling salaries…
  • 9 IT roles that can double their salary overnight…
  • 4 IT career tracks earning management-level salaries…
  • And the 4 hottest IT markets no one’s talking about.

Just one of these insights can dramatically increase your salary.
We want to give you all of them.


How To Make Your CEO a Massive Tech Advocate

In this special report Marc J. Schiller shares groundbreaking research and how to use it to start and sustain a powerful, attention-grabbing dialogue with your CEO.

In addition to the report you will also receive a FREE ready-to-use PowerPoint presentation template containing all the key information from the report.

Use the report and the presentation to boost your CEO’s interest in technology while building your influence and reputation at the same time.


Free Videos

Rain Partners’ CEO Marc J. Schiller gets to the heart of
three core challenges facing IT leaders today.


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