The 11 Secrets of Highly
    Influential IT Leaders

    By Marc J. Schiller CEO & Founder, Rain Partners

    Success as an IT professional and leader is ultimately determined by one thing: how your performance is viewed and measured by your stakeholders.

    For today’s IT leader, nothing is more important than establishing a deeply engaged and influential relationship with your stakeholders.

    The challenge: how to do it.

    Based on years of research and on-the-ground work with the world’s leading IT organizations, Marc presents a comprehensive system and practical roadmap for building the influence and relationship you need to drive your success.

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    “The 11 Secrets are especially valuable for wrestling with the problem of how to effectively market IT to your stakeholder community. Phenomenally insightful; this is EQ for IT leaders. Whether for strategic decision making or guiding day-to-day operations, I’m already putting it to work.”


    Enterprise Chief Technology Officer,
    Nationwide Insurance

    “I picked up The 11 Secrets to read on vacation thinking ‘Here we go with yet another IT book.’ I’m not sure who was more surprised at how much I enjoyed it, my kids or me. Suffice it to say, within a few pages I found myself underlining and dog tagging highlighting key messages and thinking ‘this is definitely not the typical IT management book.’ The unique value of this book, and the system Marc presents, is the tangible roadmap it provides for aspiring professionals and managers to follow in order to succeed in this demanding field.


    Managing Director Global Technology,
    JPMorgan Chase

    “The 11 Secrets get to the heart of what matters most for success in IT. In today’s hyper-speed technology environment, IT managers need to accelerate their learning curve about what works and what doesn’t. The 11 Secrets can get you to success faster.”


    City of Palo Alto

    The 11 Secrets are keys to:

    • Effectively demonstrate the value of IT
    • Secure the budgets you need to do things right
    • Advance your IT career
    • Gain respect – both inside and outside of your company
    • Grow your team and infuse them with a sense of pride in their work
    • Advance your career as an IT leader
    • Earn a seat at the executive table

    “If you are an IT project manager or team leader that wants to advance and to avoid the stumbling blocks that trip up so many in this field, then read The 11 Secrets. Your journey to success will be faster and less stressful.”


    Former CIO, Valspar
    (Computerworld 100 Premier IT Leader)

    “What makes this book stand out as a particularly valuable resource for IT managers and leaders are the many real-life, no punches pulled examples that fill the pages. It’s these real-world experiences that bring the concepts to life and provide an anchor for real learning for them.”


    Senior IT Executive - Chief Technologist

    “The 11 Secrets of Highly Influential IT Leaders is a must read for anyone who aspires to be a respected, trusted, and listened-to leader in IT. Marc provides practical step by step advice borne from a career spent counseling IT professionals.”


    Global Smart Commerce Leader

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