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4 Leadership Lessons from the Computerworld Premier 100

Every year, Computerworld produces a list of the top leaders in our industry- The Computerworld Premier 100. The Computerworld Premier 100 represents one of the top opportunities for IT leaders looking to gain recognition for their good work, and to improve their standing within our industry. However, The Computerworld Premier 100 also serves a second […]

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How Your AI Deployment Might (Actually) Live Up to Its Promise

Every week, it seems we see a new report projecting rapid growth in AI deployments. A few recent reports project: By 2019, 40% of digital transformations will utilize AI. By 2020, 75% of businesses executives will actively implement AI. By 2025, the AI market will grow to $100+ billion annually. These are big numbers, and […]

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The 5 Questions That Help Your Strategy Survive

90% of strategic plans fail. Think about that. You do the hard work. You create an inspiring new strategy to deliver value to your business. You run it by everyone who needs to approve it. You manage to get a consensus. You finally receive sign-off. You launch your program to great applause, excitement, and expectation. […]

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Is IT Killing Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation has been a good and bad thing for IT. On the one hand, digital transformation has moved technology front-and-center within every business function. On the other hand, 84% of these digital transformations fail, and when business leaders look for someone to blame for these failures, they often make IT the scapegoat. Why the […]

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3 Surprising Insights About Strategic IT Leadership

“Why do you want to become a more strategic IT leader?” “What is your biggest barrier to becoming more strategic?” “How is strategy currently handled in your IT org?” For the last few weeks, we asked our community of IT leaders these questions. Why? IT leaders are constantly being told they must “become more strategic”. Often, […]

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