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Pharma Mobile Apps – Are They Worth It?

Nearly every pharma company is in the app business. With a view toward engaging patients and providing value-added digital services to supplement the core therapy, pharma companies have embraced mobile apps with a gusto. The top 15 pharma companies have launched over 850 apps. And on average, these same companies have 65 apps each. Yup, […]

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Why Digital is Undermining IT— and How to Fix it Now

IT’s Big Digital Opportunity … In Theory On the surface, our industry’s digital transformation provides three big opportunities for IT leaders. It takes IT out of the back room and places technology center-stage as a strategic enabler. It shifts IT from being a cost center to a revenue driver that provides service differentiation and product […]

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The Toughest IT Strategy Question Facing Pharma CIOs Right Now

We are in the heart of strategy and planning season right now. Across the globe, pharma CIOs (and their business counterparts) are sharpening their strategic directions and operational plans for 2017 and beyond. Listening to CIOs and IT strategists from a variety of companies it’s hard not to conclude that we have indeed entered a […]

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Five Hard Truths About Digital Transformation

Recently, we surveyed our audience and asked them, “What does ‘Digital’ mean to your organization?” Our audience selected between the following four options: The latest gimmick Any technology that builds our customer relationships Our approach to streamlining corporate processes and platforms Not sure To be clear: there are many more potential definitions for the word […]

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