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Organizational Design for IT
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Organizational Design for IT: My 5 Best From-the-Trenches Reorganization Tips

You finally decided to go ahead and change your IT organizational structure…and you’re not looking forward to it. It’s a messy process. It’s highly political. It’s unpleasant for everyone. But since you can no longer avoid reorganization, you at least want to get it done ASAP. Unfortunately, I hate to say it but that’s just […]

Run IT Like a Business
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Run IT Like a Business: What it Really Means

Bob worried he had a communications problem. Really, he needed to run IT like a business. You see, Bob was a personable, energetic, intelligent, and empathetic leader. He deeply understood his business and the value IT delivered to it. He positioned his people for success in their career development. In many ways, he appeared to […]

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