Organizational Design for IT
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Organizational Design for IT: My 5 Best From-the-Trenches Reorganization Tips

You finally decided to go ahead and change your IT organizational structure…and you’re not looking forward to it. It’s a messy process. It’s highly political. It’s unpleasant for everyone. But since you can no longer avoid reorganization, you at least want to get it done ASAP. Unfortunately, I hate to say it but that’s just […]

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Choosing the Right Time for Reorganization

Reorg isn’t fun. It involves moving people, it’s politically sensitive, and it’s a process filled with ups and downs. It’s such an intimidating undertaking that we often don’t know where to start, and instead choose to digest all the little things that happen throughout the year without making any major adjustments. In many ways this […]

Is the CDO a Real Threat to the CIO's Role?
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Is the CDO a Real Threat to the CIO’s Role?

A shiny new title is on the radar of technology leaders—Chief Digital Officer (CDO)—and it is receiving a lot of attention in the media. Here are just a few recent headlines: ‘The Rise of the Chief Digital Officer’ ‘Is 2014 the Year of the Chief Digital Officer?’ ‘Chief Digital Officer is the Next Hot Executive […]

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The Three-Step Process for Becoming the Next Apple

Almost everyone knows Jony Ive, the one-in-a-million senior vice president of design at Apple who created the look and feel of the MacBook Pro, iPhone, the iPad and other innovative products. Without minimizing the pivotal role that Ive played in the creation of these devices, he was not solely responsible for them. Ive gives credit […]

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