“The technology skills you must learn and master as an IT pro will constantly change, but the “soft” skills you need to manage everyday business problems never do. Once you know them, they’ll serve you for the rest of your career.”

Marc J. Schiller: Acclaimed Author, Speaker and Seminar Leader

Described as “worth the whole price of the conference”, Marc’s talks are dynamic, compelling, and surprisingly funny—capable of keeping a room of 1,000 as tightly-focused as a room of 40.

How? Marc gives more than just words.

Filled with practical and actionable insights, Marc’s talks offer concrete tools that IT Pros and their departments can put to work on their own to immediately produce wide-ranging positive changes.

Results-Focused, IT-Specific Insights

While certainly motivational, this isn’t the same tired, generic BS you’ve heard a thousand times at a thousand conferences. All of Marc’s materials, programs, workshops and seminars are developed specifically for the unique, real-world needs of the IT community.

Real-World Experience Translates to Real-World Results

A former partner at PwC and advisor to Fortune 100 CIOs, Marc shares real industry case studies and anecdotes that bring his lessons to life. He gathered these insights over his 25+ years of experience working with an elite group of clients as a corporate IT consultant, strategist, and career mentor—and now he’s focused on sharing his wisdom with every ambitious IT professional and IT group looking to upgrade their influence and deeply impact their professional world.

Attendees describe Marc as, “the coach and mentor I never knew how much my group needed until we heard him speak.”

Most Popular Seminars, Programs, and Speaking topics:

  • Establish Productive Professional Relationships with Key Stakeholders
    • Learn how to talk strategy with your key business stakeholders (and not get dragged into conversations about nuts-and-bolts infrastructure glitches).
  • How to Develop an Executive Attitude and Presence
    • Learn how to hold your ground with stakeholders while building great relationships at the same time.
  • Get the Ear of the Business
    • Learn how to build a meaningful connection with your stakeholders by providing them the business-oriented content they desire from IT (and rarely get).
  • Build Consensus and Present Ideas
    • Learn how to avoid the common communication traps IT leaders fall into, and ensure your projects are approved before you enter the boardroom.
  • Motivate Your Team
    • Learn how to get your people 100% your ambitious vision, strategy, and plan.

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