Our clients typically see a 15-30% performance improvement within 18 months as measured by industry benchmarks and their stakeholders.

Our performance-improvement programs include, but are not limited to:

  • Vision, Strategy and Implementation
    Lead your IT organization with a compelling IT vision and strategy.
  • MeasureIT
    Score—and improve—your IT organization’s performance on the metrics that really matter
  • RunIT
    Create a calm, ordered, process-driven IT organization
  • CommunicateIT
    Position your IT organization front-and-center as a key business function within your company

Vision, Strategy and Implementation

Take the Reins and Drive Your Company’s Growth

Many senior business leaders don’t see how IT can drive company growth.

They still see IT as just a cost center.

The result:

  • A marginalized IT department told to just keep the infrastructure running.
  • A disengaged IT organization cut off from transformative new tech.
  • A disrespected CIO held back from top-tier influence and compensation.

This is unfair. Now, more than ever, the value of IT to drive business growth is self-evident. But the business still does not see it. Which means it’s up to you—the CIO—to show your senior stakeholders how IT can take the reins and drive company growth.

You do this by creating and communicating:

  • Your Vision of the Unique Value IT Can Bring to Your Company
  • Your Strategy to Bring Your Vision to life.
  • Your Plan to Implement Your Strategy in Your IT Organization

When you hire Rain Partners to help you take the drivers’ seat in your organization, we will work with you to build each of these items.

Your Vision of the Unique Value IT Can Bring to Your Company

First, we will help you define the long-term value IT can deliver to your company.

We will help you move away from standard IT platitudes like, “It’s our vision to provide the absolute best service to our customers.”

Instead, we will help you develop a clear, compelling, and concrete vision. It will fold your industry intelligence and business outlook into a bold statement about how technology can drive business growth for your company—today, and into the future.

Your Strategy to Bring Your Vision to Life

Then, we will translate your high-level vision into a real-world strategy. Your strategy will:

  • Erect a framework to prioritize IT investments and activities
  • Set an inspiring finish-line to rally your people towards
  • Give you a calling card that captures your senior business leaders’ respect

Just as a conventional IT vision will not inspire, a conventional IT strategy will not accomplish these goals. From our work with top CIOs, we’ve identified five characteristics of truly influential strategies. We will ensure your strategy embodies each of them, by:

  • Aligning directly to your business’ objectives and functional strategies
  • Explaining how IT will transform into a business leader over the next 3-5 years
  • Answering specific, practical questions about IT’s day-to-day priorities
  • Defining trackable time horizons, intermediary steps, KPIs, and performance metrics
  • Offering a “user experience” of how IT services and projects will feel as IT transforms

With your new IT vision and strategy, you will have a value-driving view toward the future. Then, all you will need is a roadmap to get there.

Your Plan to Implement Your Strategy in Your IT Organization 

Finally, we will construct an action plan that translates your vision and strategy into an actionable plan that delivers substantive change. Your plan will follow five steps:

  • Step 1. Establish a Set of Target Metrics: Form a data-driven performance baseline. Measure your improvement. Demonstrate you are walking the talk.
  • Step 2. Define Your Annual Priorities: Break your multi-year strategy into sprints. Stay focused. Eat the elephant one bite at a time.
  • Step 3. Promote Signature Initiatives: ID the critical investments that exemplify your strategy. Use them to show what IT is now about. Discuss them every chance you get.
  • Step 4. Give Your Stakeholders Transparency: Set goals your stakeholders can understand. Report on them with courage. Make it clear if you’re on-track (or not).
  • Step 5. Motivate Your IT Organization to Really Play: Communicate your strategy. Over and over. Make sure everyone first hears it, then believes it, and, finally, lives it.

If this sounds like a lot of work, it is. There is a reason so few IT leaders emerge as true, strategic partners with their business. And a reason why CIOs who do are so richly rewarded.

Whether you need to refresh your existing vision, strategy, and plan, or if you need to develop a new view of the value you can offer your business, we will partner with you to gain the influence and respect you and your IT organization deserve.

Contact Rain Partners today to take the reins and drive your company’s growth


How would your stakeholders rate your performance, and the performance of your IT group as a whole?

Most CIOs and IT leaders intrinsically know how their stakeholders feel about their IT group. But they don’t know how to quantify that feeling. To solve this problem, we spent 8 years creating a tool and methodology to measure your stakeholder relationships with hard data.

Our tool—MeasureIT™—goes beyond traditional IT service surveys. MeasureIT asks your stakeholders to score IT on the measures that really matter to them, including:

  • Is IT delivering value to the company?
  • What depth of communication and trust do they have with their IT counterparts?
  • Are projects being professionally managed and delivered?
  • Is IT a service provider, or a strategic partner driving business change?

We will ask your IT group these same questions about IT’s performance. Then, we will compare how your stakeholders rated your performance, to how you rate your own performance, and compare the scores.

Often, IT leaders have a gut-level feeling about how their stakeholders view them. But when you transform fluffy, qualitative feelings into quantifiable data, you reveal specific areas of opportunity – and a tangible roadmap to improve your performance in a manner that’s meaningful to both IT and your stakeholders.

Best of all, MeasureIT sets a benchmark you can use to demonstrate year-over-year improvement in your IT groups’ performance. And with MeasureIT, you won’t have to convince your stakeholders that IT’s performance is improving—your stakeholders will be the ones giving you improved scores.


 Do you want to bring these results to your IT group?

Learn more about MeasureIT Contact us today to find out how

RunIT_logo_FINAL 2
Transform your IT organization into a well-oiled machine

Many IT groups feel tense, chaotic, and focused on deploying ad-hoc solutions to the day’s burning problems. Their teams aren’t collaborating well (or communicating at all), and few people understand top-level directions, expectations, or decision-making processes.

Many IT leaders—and their stakeholders—accept this chaos as an unavoidable reality of IT’s internal operations. Yet after spending years fine-tuning top-performing IT organizations, we have come to see most internal chaos stems from a lack of structure to the organization’s day-to-day functions, operations, and communications.

We formalized our most effective IT management structures into theRunIT™  framework. Once applied,RunIT™  will give you a calm, ordered, process-driven IT organization.

RunIT_Framework_FINAL 2

TheRunIT™ framework fits into any existing vision, strategy, or operating plan your group currently works within. When you ask Rain Partners to bring RunIT™  to your IT group, in relatively short and painless order we will create a stable, efficient IT organization.

The result: qualitative performance improvement across the board, and an IT organization that qualitatively feels better to you, your people, and your stakeholders.

But RunIT™ offers more than measurable performance improvement. A calm, ordered, process-driven IT group will just feel better for you and your people. You will experience:

  • Less stress
  • More transparency
  • Acceleration from decision to implementation
  • A tighter sense of community
  • Greater confidence in the leadership team

Contact us today to discuss how you can bring RunIT™ to your IT group


Upgrading your communications offers the fastest and most cost-effective way to improve the business’ view of IT—bar none.

Putting in place a structured, professional communications program signals:

  • You have a firm handle on the core services of IT…
  • You feel ready to move from the backroom to the boardroom… 
  • You are uniting your IT organization around this mission…

And, most important: Your stakeholders need to take you seriously.

Implementing a communications program is the first step to take when you’re ready to transition from being a pure service provider to acting as a true strategic partner within your business.

Every CommunicateIT engagement begins with an evaluation of your existing communication program’s current maturity level across four key areas of communication.

  1. System & Service Notices
  2. Internal IT Communications
  3. Stakeholder Engagement
  4. External Community Outreach

Examining each area, we will determine the level to which your communications program is:

  • Demonstrating IT’s core value: By proactively managing your users’
    experiences with fundamental IT services and platforms.
  • Creating a cohesive message, shared purpose, and sense of community: By sharing regular communications from the office of the CIO and the IT leadership team.
  • Strengthening IT’s relationship with your business peers: By structuring communications at every touchpoint—from formal strategic communiques by the CIO, down to systematic messaging by frontline managers.
  • Encouraging internal retention, recruitment of new talent, and your own professional standing: By sharing your achievements and best practices with the IT community outside of your company.

Finally, after evaluating your current state of communications, we will work with you to fill any identified gaps, by:

  • Producing bespoke tools, templates, and calendars to give your communications program greater structure.
  • Sharpening your IT leaders’ ability to manage stakeholder expectations, listen to (and really hear) stakeholders’ concerns, and express the value of IT in terms their stakeholders will understand.

Whether you’re just getting started on your path from the backroom to the boardroom, or if you already have a mature communications program that requires some fine-tuning, a CommunicateIT engagement ensures your IT group leverages a best-in-class communications program that positions you front-and-center as a key business function within your company.

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