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4 Leadership Lessons from the Computerworld Premier 100

Every year, Computerworld produces a list of the top leaders in our industry- The Computerworld Premier 100. The Computerworld Premier 100 represents one of the top opportunities for IT leaders looking to gain recognition for their good work, and to improve their standing within our industry. However, The Computerworld Premier 100 also serves a second […]

Cut Consulting Bill
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How to Cut Your Consulting Bill in Half

These days, IT leaders are being asked to do more with less. Faced with this directive, most IT leaders immediately hire—what we can all agree feels like—an excessive number of consultants to figure out how to make it all work. I’m not talking about the thousands of contractors you’ve hired to manage your day-to-day system […]

Today's IT Leader
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Today’s IT Leader: Your New Role

Caught in the digital revolution, our stakeholders demand more from technology than ever before. Often, it makes our stakeholders feel overwhelmed, and (at best) they expect IT to figure it out for them, without them. To act as their “proxy”. The real role of IT leaders in 2016 is to be this full mental stand-in […]

Accelerate your digital career
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How to Accelerate Your IT Career in 2018

Welcome to 2018! My guess: you’ve resolved to learn at least one new technical skill this year. After all, we IT professionals are constantly skilling up, for a variety of reasons: For entry-level IT pros, learning a hot new technical skill offers a route off the help desk, and into a more substantial role. For […]

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