Know the Exact Nature of Your Presentation

Ìèêðîôîí è íîóòáóê íà òðèáóíå. Microphone and laptop screen at tMuch of our business involves helping BI and IT leaders communicate complex material to their bosses and peers in senior management. One of the most common challenges we find is clearly defining the nature of the presentation. In other words, what exactly is being communicated to the group and what is the correct posture to assume in that communication.

Over the years we found that the following 3 categories and 14 basic templates seem to resonate with IT leaders and help to quickly get that off to strong start. They are:

    1. Strategy and Organization
    2. Project Definition and Management
    3. Team Building and Professional Development

I. Strategy and Organization Presentations

Most pharma BI and IT executives have unique strategies and organizational challenges. However, what is common to nearly all BI and IT leaders in pharma are the situational settings in which they need to present their strategies and org changes. Understanding these settings and their unique requirements can be very helpful to effectively delivering your message. They are:

    1. Strategy Presentation and Approval Request from Senior Management
    2. Strategy Presentation and Rollout to Peers, Direct Reports and Staff
    3. Reorganization Approval Request to Senior Management
    4. Reorganization Presentation to Peers, Direct Reports and Staff
    5. Technology Landscape Presentation for Strategic Planning
    6. Budget Justification Presentation

II. Project Definition and Management Presentations

BI and IT leaders are forever presenting and reporting on their projects. Small projects usually fly under the radar screen. But the large, complex and difficult projects are forever the subject of discussion and review. The six types of project definition and management presentations pretty much follow the natural project lifecycle. Having a ready reference for each one of these presentations is common among leading BI and IT executives.

    1. Internal Consulting Report Presentation
    2. Project Definition Presentation
    3. Project Justification and Business Case Presentation
    4. RFP and Vendor Selection Presentation
    5. Vendor Dispute Presentation
    6. Project Status and Summary Presentation

III. Team Building and Professional Development Presentations

Team building and professional development for BI and IT leaders takes place both within their group and with other groups in the company. In addition to presenting to their own direct reports and extended staff, BI and IT Leaders are frequently called upon to present to other areas of their company in an effort to improve synergies, drive common projects and build stronger executive teams. Sometimes these “internal” presentations are part of the standard corporate calendar. Other times, they are dedicated to a special purpose. Either way, what they tend to have in common is the need for two things:

    1. Group Identity Presentation
    2. Interesting and Compelling Content Presentation

Now you know the basic categories for creating winning presentations. Think about them the next time you have an important presentation and you may be surprised how neatly you fit into one of them.

Good Luck.

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