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End the year with a bang and start planning now

It’s November. The chill is in the air. Thanksgiving is around the corner, soon to be followed by Christmas. Essentially the year is over, but we’re really just in the final lap. It’s around this time that I usually get my first call from Bernie Plagman, the Chairman of the Techpar Group — a great […]

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A tech discussion your CEO will welcome

Last week I made the bold claim that in light of recently published research on how people and businesses respond to “fashionable” technologies, IT leaders now have a new way to capture the attention of their CEOs who otherwise tend to be less than 100% interested in IT matters. You can read the full post […]

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How to make your CEO a massive tech advocate, guaranteed!

Problem: Building a relationship with the CEO ain’t easy. IT leaders know that building a relationship with the CEO is important in order to: Effectively promote a vision and strategy for IT Advocate on behalf of the IT group and its interests Build personal reputation and influence At the same time, IT leaders face two […]

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Your responses to a terrible service delivery example

In my June 21 post titled, “Responsiveness and Service Delivery: A Terrible Example,” I turned to you for help on how to address a persistent issue that all IT leaders face — managing work queue requests in a timely yet responsible manner. For those of you who didn’t read the article, here’s the e-mail that […]

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BIXI: Another example of IT changing the world for the better

Recently, I wrote about the mission-critical nature of IT in the context of my daughter’s cardiac surgery at Montefiore Children’s Hospital. In addition to the much-appreciated well wishes, I received a great deal of comments and messages that reflected a shared belief that the work we do as IT professionals is important on multiple levels, […]

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