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What CIOs Want: In Their Own Words

What do you want most from your career? Money? Interesting work? Job security? Like most IT professionals who hear this question, you probably have great difficulty answering it. Instead of reflecting on what you really want, you think, “What should I want?” or, “What should I be doing in order to be successful in my […]

IT Jobs are Hot Will You Lose Your Best People to the Market
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IT Jobs are Hot: Will You Lose Your Best People to the Market?

By Lee Reese, VP Corporate Programs Managers, it’s time to wake up: Skilled IT professionals now enjoy a 98% employment rate. The recession is over, the tides have turned, and IT employees have regained their power. Rock-bottom IT unemployment, rising competition for IT talent, and low engagement levels are luring your best talent out the […]

IT Professionals Want THIS From Their Careers
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IT Industry: Your IT Professionals Want THIS From Their Careers

Earlier this year, we launched a survey asking IT professionals—including CIO Insight’s readers—one simple question: “What do you most want from your career?” We received hundreds of responses from IT professionals at every level of their careers. What We Learned About IT Professionals We asked each respondent, “What do you most want from your career?” […]

Millennials in the Workplace They're Here to Stay What Do They Want
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Millennials in the Workplace: They’re Here to Stay, What Do They Want?

The Millennials are taking over the workforce. But what do the millennials in the workforce want? Studies indicate there’s a wealth of professional needs Millennials desire that speak to deeper values than wanting to wear jeans at work. Millennials are also: Looking for work/life integration, according to a study by the Intelligence Group. Searching for […]

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