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Grab Your Next Big Promotion—Because No One Will Just Hand it To You (Pt 2)

Last month, we outlined your overall strategy for grabbing the big promotion you desire. In short—to get promoted, you need to convince your organization’s relevant decision makers you’re worth taking a risk on. You reduce their risk by meeting your desired position’s objective and subjective requirements before you ask for the job. Start this process […]

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How to Build an Effective IT Leadership Team

An IT professional will often get promoted because he or she is a skilled programmer, a fine troubleshooter or a seasoned business analyst—and not because of demonstrated expertise in common leadership traits required in other business departments. These traits include such skills as communication, strategic planning and influence-building, yet because they are lacking in a […]

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How Getting Promoted Changes at the Highest Levels of Your Career

There are no secrets to career advancement. Moving forward in your career comes down to a pair of actions—doing the work, and making the right relationships. But the higher you climb the corporate ladder, the more one of those actions matters… and it’s not doing the work. When you reach upper management—with eyes on the […]

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