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The tech media is complicit in the marginalization of the IT leader

Every tech publication scolds the CIO for not being oriented enough and knowledgeable enough about business. The “professional” journalists and editors at these publications go on and on about how CIOs need to get closer to the business, deal with strategic issues, etc. But the fact of the matter is, they haven’t got a clue […]

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I’ll tell your CEO the truth

Dear Mr./Ms. CEO, I know that you often get pretty frustrated with the IT group. I know you want your IT group to be successful. I especially know you want to get the greatest return on investment for every dollar you are spending on information technology. That’s why I’m writing you this letter. I want […]

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It’s really your people that fire you

Most IT leaders are very concerned with effectively managing their stakeholders and boss. Of course that makes sense. But an incident this week reminded me of just how important it is to really listen, and be responsive to, the people who work for you. Last week I heard from Charles*, a former client and now […]

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End the year with a bang and start planning now

It’s November. The chill is in the air. Thanksgiving is around the corner, soon to be followed by Christmas. Essentially the year is over, but we’re really just in the final lap. It’s around this time that I usually get my first call from Bernie Plagman, the Chairman of the Techpar Group — a great […]

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Do you know what you are worth?

The recession is coming to an end. IT investment is up again. It’s no secret that across corporate America there is an expectation that technology hiring is set to heat up. Are you ready for it? Whether you’re an IT leader keen to seek out new pastures or a concerned manager who wants to retain […]

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