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Essential CIO Tools
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Essential CIO tools: The wrap-up

We started this series to address a critical problem that plagues many IT leaders: Delivering highly relevant, content-rich, influence-building presentations on a regular basis without spending huge amounts of time preparing them. The basic solution I’ve proposed is to draw from an arsenal of three key presentations, which you should always have at the ready, […]

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Essential CIO tools: The business presentation

This is part three of a four-part series on the types of presentations every CIO must have. So far I’ve talked about: 1. The vision presentation, which positions you as an industry luminary vis-a-vis technology and potentially impacts your customers and your company. 2. The strategy presentation, which demonstrates that you are at the helm […]

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Essential CIO tools: The strategy presentation

Last week we talked about what the vision presentation should look like and how it can be used to position yourself for greater influence at the executive level. Today we’re going to talk about the IT strategy presentation, which is the presentation you’ll probably use most often. IT strategy presentations are especially difficult because many […]

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Essential CIO tools: The vision presentation

In my last post, “3 Presentations Every Influential CIO Must Have at the Ready,” I talked about how important it is for CIOs to have three standard presentations at their fingertips to save time, communicate effectively, and build influence. I called these presentations: The vision presentation The strategy presentation The business presentation Today I’m going […]

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3 Presentations Every Influential CIO Must Have

There’s no escaping the fact that one of your most important jobs as a CIO or senior IT leader is communication. Whether it’s to kick off a major project, discuss strategy, brief consultants, review projects, or join a new initiative, you’re always out there being called upon to present at one meeting or another. From […]

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