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The Four Key Digital Healthcare Trends Impacting Pharma

With so much going on in the digital healthcare arena, it can sometimes be hard to see the forest from the trees. The really tough part seems to be filtering through all of the developments taking place and focusing in on exactly what is affecting the pharmaceutical industry and how. The following four items consistently […]

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Three Guidelines for Building Winning Strategy and Organization Deliverables

Strategy and Organization presentation deliverables present several unique challenges: -They are almost always “political” by nature (people tend to see aspects of the strategy as a threat or challenge to their area of responsibility) -They usually involve a change to the organization (which few people enjoy enduring) -They often accompany a request for funding (nobody […]

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Explaining Web 2.0 – Let this Video do the work for you

I frequently present to pharmaceutical commercial operations executives on the topic of Health 2.o and what it means for pharma. At first I had a difficult time because I assumed that many of them knew what Web 2.0 was all about and it would be reasonably simple jump to the healthcare context; boy was I […]

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Early Adopters of Healthcare IT are the winners

Over the last six months I have had numerous discussions about the likelihood of the US government to continue funding healthcare IT initiatives in light of the current economic situation. Following yesterday’s legislation in the house, it seems clear that my prediction is this area is set to come true. (That’s #4 in the last […]

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IBM Tells the Story Beautifully

Most of the time I delight in poking fun at Big Blue. How they are slow and bureaucratic and impersonal and just plain BIG. But I really have to take my hat off to the very hip Health 2.0 viral video they just released. It tells the story beautifully and speaks to newbies and insiders […]

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