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When the CEO doesn’t have a clue. What’s an IT leader to do?

In recent months I’ve heard more than a few IT leaders complaining about their CEOs (or other senior execs) who don’t have a clue about technology, although they talk like they do. The classic case: You attend a senior management meeting and the CEO or another senior exec is out there waffling on about the […]

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The dollar sign is the language of business

It seems that whenever I talk to businesspeople about IT I hear the same old, never-ending refrain: IT people are too technically oriented. They don’t speak in business terms. And it’s not just the business managers who feel this way. Most IT leaders agree that their teams don’t speak the language of business. Pundits, gurus, […]

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Do you know what you are worth?

The recession is coming to an end. IT investment is up again. It’s no secret that across corporate America there is an expectation that technology hiring is set to heat up. Are you ready for it? Whether you’re an IT leader keen to seek out new pastures or a concerned manager who wants to retain […]

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More on how to kill a major project without killing your career

When we last left our CIO, Christine, she was on her way to the quarterly steering committee unsure of how to handle an SAP expansion project that is over budget and taking way too much time. She just bumped into her consultant, Martin, and hoped that he could give her some sage advice on how […]

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How to kill a major IT project without killing your career

Meet Christine, the CIO at a midsize manufacturing company. Christine is a year into an 18-month, $2 million SAP expansion, and, to put it mildly, things aren’t going as planned. In fact, the real problem is that this project is never going to go as planned. We’ll join Christine’s thoughts as she makes her way […]

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